Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to Make a 10 Foot Snake

I made this snake for Jaden because he is afraid to sleep alone at night. He wraps it around his body as a "protector". It is pretty funny to see him tangled in an anaconda and think he is safe that way!

You will need the following fabric pieces and accessories:
7 12x12 squares
1 18x12 curved at the bottom for the tail
2 18x12 head pieces
1 oval to fit into the snake's mouth
8-10 inches red ribbon for the tongue
2 black buttons for the eyes

1) Cut your pieces.

2) Sew the 7 squares together. Add the tail piece at the end. Fold in half and sew it inside out. Be sure to leave an opening somewhere in the middle of the body.

3) Sew the head together leaving the mouth open. Cut a fork in the tongue and seal it with glue or heat. Sew the tongue onto the inside of the mouth piece. Attach the mouth to the head.

4) Attach the head to the body. Turn right side out. Stuff with a fiber filling. Close off the hole in the body.

5) Sew buttons for the eyes.

There you have it...a snake that will get carried everywhere, wrapped around everything, and left to slither down the stairs with you when you trip on it!

**I know my instructions aren't the best- that's why I tried including plenty of pictures!


  1. that's very cute. you are so creative!

  2. I don't understand how you did the head!!! can you post better pics and instructions?

    1. Sorry that the instructions are so difficult to follow. I was really winging it. I cut the inner mouth as an oval and opened the two mouth pieces while they were inside out. Then sewed the oval into the mouth and turned it all right-side out. The tongue was just stitched into the center.

      A year later I had to sew the mouth closed because he liked to drag it around by the tongue.

      Here is a link to instructions that might work a little better:

      Thanks for reading my post and I wish I had known about your questions sooner. I will have to redo my settings. :)


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