Thursday, March 25, 2010

Migrant Mother Nursing

I came across this picture again yesterday and had to post it. The Migrant Mother series was done by Dorothea Lange, and they are all beautiful. I couldn't pass this one up because she is nursing her sweet baby. I have been torn between guilt and desire with Dallin, because every time I try to ween him he freaks out. Then I see something like this and I realize it is okay to take the more natural path. Now, that is the way I want it! (Of course not without toilets and running water...and probably a lot of other stuff!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dad's Book

Dad decided to publish a book about a family in Guatemala. Yes, our family! But with an adventurous twist- not that life down there wasn't often adventurous. It was fun to read a spy version of life in Latin America and brought back many memories of the sights and smells that I still call home. As I sit in a home surrounded by several feet of snow I am longing for Guatemala.....
Love ya, Dad! Thanks for bringing back wonderful memories (like apple pancakes and flying in your airplane).

Here are  a few links to the book:
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