About Me

I am a mom, homeschooler, blogger, dancer, party kind of girl. Of course, by party I mean the mommy kind of party...you know, where you play games and have cookies and kool-aid?

My husband is very supportive of my many obsessions...blogging occasionally falls into this category.

Our three children are still quite young and keep me busy. I love teaching them at home (especially the art projects, history movies, and science in the kitchen). The greatest feeling in the world is watching your child succeed at something for the first time.

We live far from shopping centers and fast food restaurants...this means I shop online and feed the family from scratch. It works for me because I love to cook.

I enjoy a good conversation so please share your comments with me. Let's be friends!

Share my passions with me...

Homeschooling. Green Living. Educational issues. Love. Palm Trees. Turquoise Water. White Beaches. Family. Sunshine. Summer Storms. Gerber Daisies. LIFE!