Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Romantic Anniversary Treat

Several years ago I made a chocolate plate and filled it with strawberries for our anniversary. It was the perfect addition to a lovely day!

We are approaching that time of year again and I am in need of creative and romantic ideas for our special night out.

Any suggestions?

Just found these great tips @ Happy Anniversary Advice

"Before you leave for your trip, pack up a picnic lunch with fresh fruit, finger foods and a few decadent desserts.  Also add wine or champagne and don’t forget to add the glasses.  This picnic is for the nights at the hotel when you are enjoying your time together, either watching a movie or simply talking."

"Bring a few supplies: While hotels can have a number of items available, bring a couple supplies like body lotion for back massages, candles and bubble baths.  Also, don’t forget that picnic"

"Don’t rush: Many people get caught up in the sites too much on a romantic getaway that they forget to relax and end up not having a romantic getaway. Instead of rushing, take your time.  The sights will still be there even if you get out the door of your hotel by noon."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Window Photo Project

When my parents were here the men sanded this window down and prepped it for my project. I painted and distressed the edges. Then my dad bent the hinges arounds the frame and the Mr. attached them and hung it in the living room for me.

Here it is...

Fancy, no?