Thursday, January 17, 2013

Smurfy Rainbow Cupcakes

I haven't updated because I don't have much going on other than spending A LOT of time studying for my EMT class. What is the result? Mostly becoming affluent in talking about bodily functions! Yuck you say? I know!! But I sure do enjoy the studies.

On another note, this is our family birthday season...January, February & March. Starting with today, which is Dallin's birthday. Something funny happens with Dallin each year. He surprisingly requests whatever cake Jaden had the year before.

So remember this? (probably not since I never posted it!) ;o)

Well that's exactly what Dallin wanted, but instead he got this...

I know I lack decorating skills (and photo skills today since I can't find my camera). But it has a toy and bad can it be? Actually I am going to share the link for the frosting because it is an absolutely amazing White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting.

The party is tonight- his first ever official party.

There you have my update. And since I doubt you want me to write about blood, saliva and pee I may be missing for a while around here.

¡¡Happy Winter!!