Monday, January 10, 2011

Dolls for MamaBaby Haiti

I have been trying to think of  how to help MamaBaby Haiti get dolls to the little girls down there. My sister (owner of Andaluz Waterbirth Center and co-founder of MamaBaby Haiti) recently told me that they wanted hand-made dolls to give to the children in Haiti.

Today I found a doll pattern that I would love to use...but I want to know how many helpers we can get for this project. The best part is it is all made from fabric scraps.

Check out the site:
Dolly Donations

I know you are all busy...actually, so am I. I figure that if we can each make just one or two that will be a great help to the foundation. Then they won't have to buy as many dolls and toys.

So, who wants to help with this one?


  1. Ooo, pick me! hehehe. Send the pattern pdf and I would LOVE to help! :D

  2. Wait! I forgot to ask {sorry for assuming} you bought the pattern didn't you? So I should actually go online and try to find one to buy. Sorry about that :D

  3. Actually, the pattern is free on her site. Click the link for Dolly Donations. I would LOVE your help...well, they would LOVE your help. :o)

  4. This is fabulous! How many does she want?


  5. We need 100 dolls. If you all would like to copy my post (or make your own) on your blogs, we may be able to get enough volunteers. Thanks ladies!!

  6. Oh how cool! Thanks for sharing - I'm going to ask the ladies in my local sewing guild!

  7. I clicked on the links but can't find where to mail the dolls to. Sorry, but would you be willing to email that to me? jandayatl at yahoo dot com


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