Tuesday, June 4, 2013

EMT First Responder Kit

I have searched high and low for a list of just what to carry in my personal EMT bag for times when I might be the first responder or get there faster than the ambulance. Pretty much impossible unless it's a neighbor- I probably should have thought about my propensity to be slow before choosing to become an EMT. That and my extreme gulibility. I was told that if an EMT calls the ambulance they are promptly stripped and laid on the gurney. I started thinking about how desperate I'd have to be to call 911 and really embarrassed myself by asking the experienced EMTs if that's actually true!

Anyway, back to the task at hand...the perfect EMT kit.

After cross-referencing several sites and EMT chat threads I compiled this for under $100:


Color coded oral airway set (still considering nasal airways)
Pocket Mask

4x4's Gauze Pads
5 Trauma Pads (5" x 9")
5 5x9 Sterile Abdominal Pads
1 Kerlix Gauze Roll (4.5" x 4 yards)
5 Triangular Bandages
3 2" Conforming Roller Gauze
3 4" Conforming Roller Gauze
1 Universal Aluminum Splint (36")
1 Roll 1" x 10yds Cloth Surgical Tape
2 Disposable Instant Cold Packs

1 Emergency Rescue Blanket (Mylar Blanket)

OTC Medicines (ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, antihistamine)
*Blood Pressure Cuff
EMT Sheers
Pen Light

EXTRAS (possible addition later)
1 Multi Trauma Dressing (15" x 20")
Burn Sheet

I purchased this bag on Amazon to put all the supplies in:

I am now officially ready to be the first aid person at 4h camp next week- although I probably just need bandaids and lollipops!

P.S. Since I still have to take 3 finals before I can be an EMT I am not sure this is the perfect kit, but it looks like it to me. :o)

* These two items were purchased at the beginning of the class and are not part of the $100 cost of the kit