Friday, June 20, 2014

Are Ghirardelli chocolate chips gluten free?

So if you've been asking yourself, "Are Ghirardelli chocolate chips gluten free?" the answer at this time is NO.

I decided to post this letter from them since I got glutened today and chocolate chips were the only new thing I had eaten.

Dear Consumer,

Thank you for contacting Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.  We appreciate your interest in finding out about the ingredients in our products and your interest in a gluten free product.

At this time we do not offer any "gluten free" products, but appreciate your interest in seeing whether Ghirardelli offers one.  Please reference the ingredient information, on our packaging for any Ghirardelli product that you are interested in, to determine if it is suitable for you.

Please know you are a valued consumer and we do appreciate your interest in our products.


Consumer Affairs Response Team
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So as far as I'm concerned the best choice in chips are the Guittard ones. There site clearly states they are gluten free.