Friday, December 3, 2010

First tooth, a Christmas gift and back to bed

Today I am tired. So. Very. Tired! But I had to get out of bed and do just a few things.

Like take a picture of Jaden in bed with his new dollar. Yep! He lost his first tooth.

Jaden put his tooth in a little yellow bag under his pillow so it wouldn't get lost- but it did! At four in the morning the assistant tooth fairy woke me up (he was in-charge due to my near constant fever). Anyway, the bag was nowhere to be found. We searched the bed and under one limb at a time only to find it is his sweet little clutch (guess he wasn't ready to part with it after all).
The bag (I used it to can mustard pickles and it turned yellow!)
He's really trying to show the gap on the bottom.

So taking Jaden's picture led to me having to take Dallin's picture in his bed...

And a picture of Dallin's pirate costume under Jaden's pillow...

And yes! that is chocolate on his face because he ate his entire advent calendar while I was sleeping!!

Then Ashley wanted me to help her finish a gift for a friend (matching aprons for mommy and baby)...

It was a little hard for her, but she stuck by me and worked the whole time.

Finally done and I am going to try to nap before Daddy comes home!!

Love to you all, and when I get better we are going to have a big bash at our house!!
I just LOVE parties!