Monday, December 6, 2010

Education Blog

Because of the popularity of my school related posts I started a new blog that will be used to address school issues, curriculum, activities and other educational topics.

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I was feeling pretty crazy and so the background on my school blog is a picture of some zany hats I took at the Texas Renaissance Festival when I was there for my brother's wedding. We were on our way out the gates and it hit me that in the whirlwind of the day I hadn't taken any pictures of all the beautiful shop fronts. The colors and textures were enough to keep me happy for a lifetime!

Just take my blog with a grain of salt. I want it to be fun!!

And for now...this blog can be all about the crazy things we create with my three hyper-driven children.

Here are some of the other pictures from the Festival:

The corset is much cuter when it isn't worn upside down!
Gypsy Dresses
Sand Painting

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