Thursday, December 30, 2010

Confessions of a Blogging Mom

In lieu of the year coming to an end... and Amy's awesome blog over at The Idea Room... here are some fun nuggets of information about ME!

1) I stay in my jamas until after lunch. Yes! My blog obsession, book obsession and Levothyroxine keep me close to the sheets for a long time! (my house gets pretty destroyed while I "rest")
Ice cream in the family room
2) I like to dance and I'm on a clogging team. That said, know that I am somewhat clumsy and just broke one of my very favorite stoneware bowls.

3) I always enjoy a good word challenge game. This might be because it took me much longer than the average child to learn to say the word "world" (I said "wield" instead). My best friend was the American Ambassador's daughter in Uruguay and sat with me and practiced over and over again- thanks Jackie (wherever you are...).

4) I was raised in Guatemala where everyone called me "gorda" until I left for college. Apparently, my medium frame and a healthy weight was enough to make me look very fat in their ultra-petite eyes. I really thought I must be a cow until I got to college and realized that I was quite normal after all! haha!
Gardens in Antigua, Guatemala - yes this is an old picture!
5) I love going for walks with my husband. Fresh air, good company and increased heart rate...what's not to like. Maybe that's why I enjoy other unmentionables in the outdoors!

6) I try to be green- my family supports me with a smile (and sometimes a roll of the eyes) and I love them for it.
Recycled gift wrapping for my birthday
7) I am Very. Very. OCD! I stay up half the night doing what needs done and the other half thinking and dreaming about what needs done. However, this OCD also gives me the drive to be an Energizer Bunny while others are falling like flies!

8) I was once going to be a pilot but got derailed as college got harder. Although I don't miss my somewhat boring instructor... I do miss those days in the sky.
My baby girl and her daddy on one of her first small flights
Well. Now I think you may have enough ideas about me to wonder how I ever survive in this world. 

Now let's hear your confessions! Leave me a comment or blog about it and share the link with me. I would love to hear your secrets too!


  1. I can't believe they called you Gorda! Linked over from The Idea room!

  2. Loved your "confessions"! My house is also destroyed due to 3 little boys and my blogging obsession. Does your husband fly? I see them in the plane and you said you were going to be. I assume that means you're not. My husband is taking lessons and shopping for a plane currently.

  3. That's actually my dad's plane (he's the family pilot). He owns a push/pull which is a twin engine where the engines are in-line rather than parallel. We love flying in it.