Monday, November 8, 2010

We can do it!

So now that the dust has settled on my last post... and all the fires have been put out... I want to propose a toast "to all those who are trying so hard to make a better future for their children"!

I love homeschooling. Wait! Did I say "love"? Okay, so I guess I do "love" homeschooling... despite the many times I throw myself on my bed and scream into the pillow. Or bang my fists on the desk and ask myself, "what in the world am I doing?". I have even tried saying "serenity now" and wiggled my arms around my aura (like the episode of Sienfeld) but it just doesn't seem to work for this homeschooling mom. I (like so many others) have my moments of great discouragement in motherhood and in homeschooling.

This morning I watched my five year old make scramble eggs for the first time, his face wrinkled in doubt that the gooey mess could ever pass as scrambled eggs. He lifted the spoon to give it another stir and it all came together in a big clump of...well, scrambled eggs.

He started screaming, "It's turning into eggs! I did it! I made eggs!!!"

Then he gave me a huge hug and said, "Thank you mom for teaching me to make eggs. Now I can make two breakfast things." (The other one is cream of wheat).

There I had it... the reason I homeschool... because believe me it would be so quiet around here if they were at school!

I love to see the joy spread across their faces as they finally capture a difficult concept. The hugs. The happiness. The rainbow that comes after the storm. Yes. I can teach my children. Yes. We can do it!!

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  1. you know what i learned teaching school... the first two weeks were the hardest, cause i didn't have a clue what i was doing, or how i was ever gonna make it, and then i realized that really the hardest time was the last two weeks... because in those nine months i grew to love those kids, just like you were saying about seeing your 5 year old learn to make eggs, i watched my students learn and grow through smiles and tears... and in all it. I GREW!