Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And They Were Not Ashamed...

And They Were Not Ashamed - a book review??

I’ve wanted to write a post about this book for quite some time, but since I don’t exactly like airing my dirty laundry out in public I postponed it.

I mean, really! What are you supposed to say when someone asks, “How's your marriage?”

We all just love to answer, “Well, actually it totally sucks. Thanks for asking.” (with a big smile, of course!).

So, this actually happened a while ago and my friend told me about a fantastic book that could help just about any marriage. I know what you’re thinking… sure a book that can keep us happily ever after. Sadly, so many marriage problems are related to intimacy… even when they really aren’t.

This book gives us insight into the human heart and mind (with some special focus on women). It contains exercises and information to help us improve our emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy.

You could look at this as three books in one: a marriage book, a sex book and a parenting book. When you think about it, every aspect of our family relationships is affected by intimacy.

As far as marriages go, we can all benefit from learning to identify and overcome our fears and misconceptions about sexual intimacy. Until I read this book I didn’t realize that I had my own set of misconceptions that were affecting our marriage (like, most men don't mind being awakened at 1 am by a naked woman! or that a hug after work is much better than a "hey honey" yelled from the kitchen sink). This book greatly enriched my relationship with my husband both physically and emotionally.

Recently, my seven year old daughter cried to me saying that I don’t snuggle her enough. I was so focused on intimacy in my marriage that I forgot about intimacy in my parenting. Our children need to learn from us that good healthy intimacy provides mental and physical fulfillment.

My husband actually read this book- which says a lot because he has finished maybe one book in his whole life!

FYI: it is on my Amazon widget to the side if you want to read more about it. Great way to spend $12 (or find it at the library).

important post-script - I just need to clarify to those questioning... Jesse and I have a fantastic relationship, but like all valuable relationships it takes effort, patience, understanding and great books to make it better!

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