Saturday, February 12, 2011

When is Spring?

The sun is shining, the windows are open, the birds are chirping and Dallin is yelling chirp-chirp to the chickens (in a very high-pitched voice, I might add). It is a fresh breath of Spring air we are breathing as we so happily welcoming the needed warmth!

Yes! We think 37 degrees is warm after the 20 below's we've been having this Winter!!

The children have asked me many times, "When is Spring?". They are happy that our streets are no longer covered in 4 inches of ice. We are hopeful that they might get a little bike riding in before May this year.

Being cute and silly!
And so, I decided it was the perfect day to take pictures of Ashley in her baptism dress. This was my baptism dress. I was pretty excited when she chose to wear it over a brand new dress I offered to buy her. I mean... I'm not going to make my girl wear heirlooms but I sure love that she is making that choice all by herself!

Now, heirlooms aside...I am especially happy that she has brought such a strong spirit into our home as she has prepared for her baptism this past year. Her personal scripture study has helped us with family scripture study. Her questions about fasting, prayer, the atonement and so many other gospel topics have inspired better Family Home Evenings. I feel blessed to have her in our family and know that she is choosing the path God would have her chose.

Here is a picture of me (27 years ago)....

And her (today)...

*I will post a picture of her with Jesse and me after her baptism.

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