Saturday, February 5, 2011

Funny Children

I just love the way children think, the way they learn, and the way they grow.

I forgot to tell the lady at McD's no onion for the kiddos. So...

Jaden opened his hamburger and said, "Mom, it has onions on it!"

Thinking on my toes I said, "Good thing almost-six-year-olds like onions, huh?"

He said, "YEP!" and took a huge bite!!!

FYI: Ashley tried the same trick on me, and my response was the same. Her answer..."Yep!" and started eating!!

So my question to you is: 
Will you share your funny children stories with me? I could so use a laugh!!


  1. Love it! My nieces and nephews say the funniest things. When Nate was little, I stole one of his fries and he started to whimper. I handed his a pretend fry and he smiled, pretend took it, then pretend ate it. It was the easiest disaster diversion ever! :)

  2. So cute! Funny how pretending just takes away the frustration!!

  3. the other day Marissa and Trent had really bad cabin fever. I found them in the bathroom. They had on swimsuits and flip flops, had poured some bubble bath and about two inches of water into the tub, and claimed to be "skating."