Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall 2012

Fire Tree??

I look forward to the Fall for so many reasons, like:
1) the rows of canned goods lined on my storage shelves
2) cool breezes and sunny shadows
3) piles of leaves to jump into
4) drives through the colorful mountains with a funny family

5) collecting leaves to make bookmarks

6) wearing my favorite jeans and sweaters
7) boots, and socks, and SHOES!!

So every year I sit and take inventory of what the new styles are for this cool breezy season. This year I love because the colors are brighter and much more fun than some of the previous years. I mean who wouldn't want to wear magenta jeans with a yellow shirt and purple sweater??? Or a turquoise and orange dress with tall boots???

Here are some pictures to wet your palate...

Lovely, no?

So if you are dying for a shopping spree...I'd love to join you!

**If you are wondering where the shoes are, fear not, I have a whole post dedicated to those lovely foot accessories!

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