Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall 2012 Shoe Trends

It is hunting season here in Idaho. So, as all the men in town go out hunting I am ready to do some hunting of my own. Every Fall I look forward to learning the new shoe trends and hunting down the best deals.

This morning I slipped my foot into a soft suede boot that's been in storage for 5 months. It felt heavenly and I decided to share the boot trends first.

If you slouch boots, never fear! it is still part of this years' style. However, this Fall you get to put aside "Pirates of the Caribbean" and welcome your inner biker. The boot style for today is buckles upon buckles.

And did I mention zippers? Colored zippers?
Heels on boots are wide or flat (which is great for the snowy places).
Now onto the flats. Here we are looking for gold and silver embellishments (from toe to heel).

Heel tags and tipped toes (primarily metallic)...
And finally, the creme de la creme, my favorites, pumps... or as some like to call them "stilettos".

The trend that I cannot yet embrace is fur, so this tulle is as close as I'll get....
Straps and studs....

And if you are thinking these are all too biker/punk/rocker for you the vintage style Mary Janes are a great choice (I love that they speak to the dancer in me)... 
Last of all, we have the shoe I will dream of wearing on my next date with my dear husband (at $1200 it will have to stay in my imaginary shoe closet).
There you have it. This years' best trends for every occasion.

Happy shoe hunting!!

Now aren't you glad I stopped drooling long enough to share these amazing new trends with you? ;o)

P.S. I just re-read this to check out the furry shoes that my dearest friend from years ago said she quite liked (that's my spunky little Heather) and realized I forgot the snake or croc skin. Yep! Just like most every other Fall, skin is in. In every color. With spikes and spurs. Sequined or studded. Get the picture? Well, my favorites were these darling yellow ones. Besides the fact that I have an uncommonly strong weakness for yellow, I think the addition of a wood layered heel and platform finalized the natural femininity of this pump.

**Pictures are from 6pm and Zappos

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