Thursday, March 3, 2011

Foreign Services...a diplomat's family??

My mind is exploding with so many thoughts of the "possible" future...

Last week I filled out paperwork to apply Jesse for the foreign services. I know, the test isn't even until June so there's no rush in deciding if this is the right path for us.

The strangest part of this is that I have felt (quite strongly) that we are being called to somewhere else in the world. There is a HUGE part of me that wants to ignore know the part that thinks about cleanliness, vaccinations (eww...would we have to give those to our kids?) and parasites. That's the pessimist in me...

On the other hand, the optimist in me is thinking of all the adventures, opportunities and friends that await us on the other side of the world. The teaching and learning experiences. The Gospel. News sights and smells. Exotic foods. Exciting cultural changes!

I also keep thinking of Jesse. Would he enjoy being a diplomat? Absolutely!! Would He enjoy being all over the world? I really don't know. He liked Guatemala, but it was also pretty hard at times.

Last night I woke up and thought, "No Way! I am not going to be thousands of miles away from my family!!" The crazy thing is I woke up this morning and realized I already am! I guess living in South Idaho has spoiled me a little. I get to see in-law's regularly and have even had several siblings visit me. They didn't do that when we were in Guatemala or North Idaho, so really it wouldn't be much different than that.

Then I was searching this morning and saw this...

Now all I can think is,
"Yes! Send ME!!"

I am just dying to know where you would want to go...inspire me! haha!

Seriously, if you could be posted anywhere in the world where would it to be?


  1. we have totally considered that option too, as we feel like we will some day be living foreign. but the timing isn't quite right. maybe cuz i'm having a baby and the kids are so little. but some day, we can be neighbors in New Zealand together! :) or France. or Hong Kong.
    Where do you want to go?

  2. haha! That would be great to live near each other. I miss the fun talks we had in Guate. I would love New Zealand, Thailand, Greece...There are just too many wonderful places in the world to list!! I'll keep you posted on the process (you know, for when you do it).

  3. After having been married to the military for 6 years and being sent all over the country and to Puerto Rico every year, I have to say that I love the stability of being in one place. Having said that, I do love an adventure and am so jealous of my husband who gets to travel all over the world for his job. With little kids, living in a foreign place can be a bit more of a challenge but a wonderful experience for them to learn about another culture. I would do it again if the timing was right.

  4. You're right Holly! I worry about it being too much to always be moving around. Still feeling torn, and so many aspects to look into. I do love being a third-culture kid though, and would like that for my children.

  5. Oh ya, where all have you lived? My parents loved PR, did you? Are you buying a house now? That makes you wanted to stay put. This is our first house to buy and we would miss it so much!