Monday, March 7, 2011

Asthma, the ER, and Stimulated Thoughts

I know, it is 3 am so why am I awake you ask? Here's why:

For the past 24+ hours I have been having some pretty bad bronchial spasms. I got the Influenza B which then settled in my chest and for 10 days I have felt that my body is possessed by some other thing (actually a virus to be more precise!).

So I went to the ER last night after my toenails turned purple and I coughed and gagged until I thought I'd throw-up. They pumped me up with steroids and stimulants and sent me home in 1 hour flat! I know, I should have demanded more for $1000 bill, but I had a massive headache from the drugs.

While I lay there my thoughts wandered in the strangest places. Like the fact that I haven't exercised in 2 weeks and that my body felt like a big blob on the ER gurney that must of been ordered from the Pediatric catalog. Are they trying to save money?! Because I think my little visit might have paid for a bigger gurney! I know, such a silly thought...but seriously, I felt like my voluptuous 150+ pounds were going to fall off the edges (or maybe that was my head spinning)!!

Now I am at home wide awake on stimulants and still struggling to breathe. Great no?

The funny thing about all this is the things I think about while laying in bed not able to sleep. Does this happen to you? Does your brain jump all over the place from thought to thought as you lay in bed...not sleeping?! Well here are some of my crazy thoughts:

1) I should be a diplomat (along with the Mr.). I could use my little bit of French, Italian, Portuguese and LOTS of Spanish to translate part-time for the embassy.

2) I love rubbing my legs on my Egyptian cotton sheets. Too bad you can't stunt the growth of leg hair  by just rubbing them on your comfy sheets, no?

3) I should write a book....about parenting! haha!!! What a joke, cause I am such a good parent!! You know me and all my crazy philosophies on parenting (like those need to be in a book!). I actually should try focusing on being a parent and get out of bed for my kids!!

So there you have thoughts when on too many stimulants and steroids! What do you think? Am I headed for the crazy house?


  1. That is CRAZY! I guess ther IS a Hospital worse than KMC!! So sorry you had to deal with this! Glad to hear you're feeling better too.

  2. hehe! not sure anything beats the number of morphine overdoses KMC gives!!