Friday, February 8, 2013

Family Cookbook

My parents are celebrating the 25th anniversary of having established the school. My mom is a fabulous cook and loves to share her recipes, as a result one of the great traditions of the school has been good lunches and home-baked treats at school activities. The PTA is making a cookbook of her favorite recipes and I am the lucky lady that gets to do all the food photography. It is turning out to be challenging in ways I didn't expect, but the parts I dreaded are easier than I thought they'd be. Wow! Now that is a confusing sentence.

Anyway, the reason I am here today is to share a little sneak peak at my first photos on this project...

Mom's Ice Cream Sandwiches...Ashley thought these were the most amazing movie night treats ever!

Dad's Pancakes...Jesse says he'd totally eat this...if he were only home for breakfast today.

Vanessa's Italian Squash Stew...Jesse just called smacking his lips to say it was just as fabulous leftover.

So there you have a little peek into the cookbook. I'm going to have to pick and choose which recipes to share because there are so many good ones.

***These are not the pics mom is going to use, just the ones I prefer. :)

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