Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Craft and Food Ideas

During the week of Thanksgiving my children love to spend the entire week making crafts and baking fun treats.

Here are some of the fun and creative things we've done (or at least the ones I took pictures of):

Sugar Cookie Turkeys-
These are an easy treat for the little ones to grab on the run instead of sitting down for a piece of pie. Just use round cookies, candy corn and sixlets for the eyes. The children especially like the red eyed ones because they look a little creepy!

Turkey Centerpieces-
This was a fun craft and looks cute on the table during dinner. The children get to choose lots of words to describe all the things they are thankful for. All you need is colored paper and paper cups.

Thankful Tree-
This a good way to let everyone write the things they are thankful for. Just draw a tree on butcher paper and let the children stamp leaves all over it.

Fall bookmarks or placemats-
The children really enjoyed making these bookmarks. They gave them to loved ones with a hug and a thank you for all their love and kindness. Use scraps of paper and leaves or stickers. Then laminate. Darling as placemats!!

One of the best things about homeschooling is being able to spend time in the kitchen cooking and crafting with my children (and their friends). I am eternally grateful for a loving God that blessed me with sweet children that love to be with me as much as I love to be with them!

¡¡Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!!

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