Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shoe Lover's Guide

How many pairs of shoes do I have you ask? Let's see... 14 Summer pairs, 7 for dance and exercise, 5 pumps, 9 for the Winter, plus some house shoes. Where does that put us? Somewhere around 40!

Yes, I am in love with shoes. And yes, I have shoes under my bed and wherever else they might fit.

I'm sure you can imagine my surprise when I read an article saying all you really need is 10 pairs.

Ten! Really??

Here's the link:
10 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

And here's my take (although I'm not sure I'd survive with only 10 pairs):

1. Nude Peep-Toe Pumps

2. Black City Boots
Just bought these for Winter...

3. Ballet Flats
Love 'em!!

4. Wooden Platform Sandals

5. Canvas Sneakers
Forget canvas! I'll take my sketchers any day...

6. Black Pumps

7. Metallic Sandals

8. Suede Booties

9. Flat Leather Sandals

10. Gorgeous Work-of-Art Shoes That Make You Happy
My favorites are pink satin with sequins and beads by Gabriella Rocha. This is the closest picture I could find...

Wondering where to get a good deal on awesome shoes? My go to store is but there are a lot of great deals to be found.

¡¡Happy Shoe Hunting!!


  1. You seriously have 40 pairs of shoes?!?! Let me see...I have....actually, I have 10 pairs. 3 pairs of running shoes, 1 pair keen summer sandals, 1 keen everyday shoes, 2 ariat clogs-one brown and one black (my fave), 1 snow boots, 1 pair black heels, and 1 pair black "sexy boots". I really want more shoes, I just never want to pay for them. Oh, and by the way, those pictures of "pumps" as you call them. Those are stilettos! When I hear "pump" I think short heel. But what do I know, I only own 10 pairs of shoes....:)

  2. Oh DeAnne!! That was a great laugh you gave me!! I've seen your shoes in pictures, and you have great shoes. Now you just need a pair of "stilettos" (they call those pumps nowadays) and you will be set! ;o)

  3. The problem with stilettos + DeAnne = I look just about the same as a 12 month old learning how to walk. I think they are meant to be sexy, right? Teetering and wobbling and shuffling doesn't look sexy, in my opinion :) But! I am branching out more these days and I am getting a little better at walking in my "sexy boots". Maybe you have just inspired me.

  4. I so hear you! I was sure I looked pretty dumb in my first pair of 5 inch heels, but you quickly get used to them.