Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rewards and Motivation for the Homeschooler

We recently sat with our family psychologist to learn about behavior modification through rewards and motivation.

The two main ideas that stood out to me the most were:

I. For better motivation provide three levels of rewards
          1) small rewards are immediate- a sticker
          2) medium rewards require some saving up towards- a few days
          3) large rewards take longer to save towards- a week or two

II. Mix of structured reward times and random reward times so that they stay motivated.

This is what we decided to implement in our homeschool:

Structured Reward Times

They each have a clipboard with a weekly lesson chart that they highlight as they finish

For each school lesson they finish they get a popsicle stick which goes into a pocket chart

Random Reward Times

If I see them all on task I will offer them a reward from the small reward bucket

Sometimes I will give them an "If you...." challenge that can earn them a small reward or a stick
(ie: if you finish your morning routine without me telling you)


For the small rewards we have stickers, party favors, erasers, pencils, balloons, etc.

For the medium rewards we have a "store" where they can redeem sticks every Thursday. I lay out the prizes and they can buy them for various prices. (ie: 1 stick= something from the small reward box. 5 sticks= flashlight, journal, glitter pens, note pads, and other things purchased for $1-$3.

For the large reward they can save up their sticks to go out with dad or mom. This is a one on one reward time. They can choose from a limited variety of activities (ie: ice cream, bowling, hiking, baking time, etc).

~Disclaimer~ I am not looking over this because I am way tired. Also, all the pictures were found on the web because my camera was lost by a busy three year old. At least it wasn't my wedding ring this time!!

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