Thursday, September 2, 2010

Schooling Outside the Classroom

Here are some fun ideas for school on a picnic blanket. You will be amazed at the extra skip in your step after a day like this! Plus, the children will love you more than ever and shower you with hugs and kisses.

Cereal Necklaces- Take yarn and a box of cereal so each child can make a necklace to wear (and snack on) during the outdoor activities.

I Spy Syllables- Play I Spy by naming the number of syllables in the object rather than the color. (ie: I spy something with two syllables- tire swing)

M&M Math- Give each child a cup of M&M'S and have them do counting, sorting colors, adding and subtracting, counting by two's, etc. Also, have a place value chart for large math problems. This allows them to add numbers in the Tens and Hundreds places.

Journal Writing- Sitting on a picnic blanket and enjoy the sounds of nature is a great way to get some good writing ideas.

Bubble Chasing- To get up and move around, have the children chase bubbles while you blow them. Or let them blow the bubbles while you relax.

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