Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bloomington Lake

Although mostly visited by Utahans the lake is located in Idaho just northwest of Bear Lake. It is a long dusty and in some places rough road up the mountain, but the rewards offered by Bloomington lake are worth the drive.

Remember water, snacks and jackets. There is a lot of wind off the lake so you will want to have plenty of warm clothes with you. The hike is not long (1 mile?), but starts steep. And don't make the mistake we made and stop at the first lake- take your family picture there like you're at the end of the road, because you're not! and then feel silly when you see how gorgeous the real lake is!!

Family by the first lake

The crystal green water is surrounded by the steepest rock cliffs in the Bear River Range. The flowers and plant life are beautiful.

Bloomington Lake, Idaho

Sorry I am too sick to fix the pics... Jesse and the boys are over on the cliffs (above pic).

Close up of the boys

Cliffs around the lake

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