Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hen Happy

Last Saturday Ashley wanted a lemonade stand. Since our neighbor had one we thought she should sell something else. We made chocolate peanut butter eggs and posted signs about the public hearing that was to happen this week. She was quite proud of herself and sold around thirty chocolates.

Dallin bought two eggs...he just couldn't resist that much candy!

Peanut butter filling...chocolate and sprinkles...a child's dream!

Another plug for protecting our rights!

Changing chicken laws (or in this case- pushing to NOT change the law) is a long process. We have been subjected to libel, bullying, and threats. However, I am proud of my husband and children and the many members of our community that are standing by my side and fighting to protect our civil rights.


  1. Way to go with the rights protection!!!! I don't know what the issue is (I'll have to look that up), but I think it is great that your family is involved in protecting civil rights. What a great example you are to your children, and others as well. Keep up the good work. ;) Corine

  2. That's awesome! You guys are so cool

  3. I LOVE this! Way to go, Ashley! I really hope this whole chicken thing works out in your favor, because it should. You live in rural Idaho, I mean, C'MON! At least you don't have roosters crowing at 5am...

  4. Very true...we will be grandfathered in, but what about the future of the city? It is too bad that they are creating a city so few will want to live in.