Friday, January 2, 2009

Ushering in a New Year- with new Hope!

As I welcome the year 2009 I am full of Hope! This is my year to get things done. With no baby on the way, a big move finished up and no major health issues looming (we hope!) I should be able to do all sorts of things. But before diving into all I'd like to do, I want to do a quick recap of 2008.

January- After 6 days of very uncomfortable labor and a big fight to stay home and have the baby in a tub we went to the hospital in Coeur d'Alene. Dallin was born on the 17th weighing   8 lbs 4 oz.

February- Ashley turned 5 and had a lovely tea party with all her little girl friends. Dallin gets sick and is hospitalized at just 6 weeks old.

March- Jaden turned 3 and decided that as a big boy he would potty train himself. Yea!!! It worked.

April- Still lots of snow! We all take a trip to Seattle to get the kids passports. Sarah and the kids go to Guatemala. Jesse ends up in the hospital to have an Appendectomy while we are gone.

May- Jesse turned 31 (man is he getting old!).

June- Can't remember a thing!
July- The Anglesey family camp out was great fun. Jaden spent most of the time sitting on a little 4-wheeler. Ashley enjoyed the river. Dallin hung out in the Ergo on Mommy's back. Daddy and Mommy just enjoyed the family.

August- We went huckleberry picking for the first time. Oh what fun! Mommy and Daddy sat under a bush and picked while Dallin sat and ate the leaves. Jaden and Ashley got dirty in the road.

September- Ashley started Kindergarten. She loves school. Jesse was offered a job in Grace, Idaho. We weren't planning on any changes, but the Lord was. So we moved by the end of the month.

October- The house we bought was scarier than we imagined. We ripped carpets out, re-painted, did some mudding, and plumbing and much much more.

November- Still remodeling. Dallin is learning to walk.

December- Christmas is here. This is our favorite month of the year. Dallin is walking and into everything. Jaden is sure he will be 5 this next year. Ashley can't wait to be in 1st grade (although she still has several months). Daddy and Mommy are happy to have survived the year with all it's changes. 

What a busy year!!!


  1. I am impressed you can recall that much of the entire year! I am excited you have a blog. It is such a great way to keep up on what everyone is doing. Your kids are getting so big. Time goes by too quickly. Hope you are all doing well!


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  3. I love that you've started a blog! It's so much easier to keep up with everyone and no phone calls with kids yelling and crying in your ears!! What a fun and crazy year it has been! Dallin looks so much older! Hope your family had a very merry Christmas!!

  4. Beautiful family! I can't believe you did two of the hardest things in one year- had a baby and moved. Yikes. Good luck getting completely moved in and settled!

  5. Sarah Hi! Thank you for sending me the link to your blog. I love keeping in touch this way. Your family looks wonderful. What a fun and exciting year you had. I miss you. Check out my blog too. Its calie-findingarthema.

    Talk to you soon,