Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Thyroid Hormone Range

Twice a year I get my thyroid tested and then twice a year I search for a chart of the normal ranges. Sometimes I will find one I like, but more often I don't find any at all. So this time around I am posting my own chart so I don't have to repeatedly scour the vast world of the internet.

Just realized my chart has no FreeT4 (critical for me):

Free T4 - FT40.7    to 2.0Less than 0.7 is considered     indicative of possible  hypothyroidism.

While I was in Texas Chrisann recommended this book she is reading (Stop the Thyroid Madness). I was especially interested in the various options of non-synthetic thyroid hormone. Years ago my doc said he wanted to monitor me closely since high levels of thyroid hormone in your system can lead to a higher risk for osteoporosis. He has regularly checked my thyroid levels to make sure I am not taking a higher dose than necessary. Now I am wondering if non-synthetic thyroid hormone would help lower the risk of osteoporosis even more. If you know, tell me. :o)

P.S. Just a little plug for my doc...I saw three different doctors before finding one that was willing to treat me. My levels always fall within normal range, but at the bottom of the scale. This OB told me he'd treat me because of my symptoms and that I would know very quickly if it was going to help or not. He was right. The next morning I woke up with a clear head. For the first time in years I opened my eyes and was ready to wake up. No cloud around my head or 30 minutes to open my eyes all the way. Now I know when my meds need adjusted because I get that same fuzzy brain again.

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