Thursday, January 17, 2013

Smurfy Rainbow Cupcakes

I haven't updated because I don't have much going on other than spending A LOT of time studying for my EMT class. What is the result? Mostly becoming affluent in talking about bodily functions! Yuck you say? I know!! But I sure do enjoy the studies.

On another note, this is our family birthday season...January, February & March. Starting with today, which is Dallin's birthday. Something funny happens with Dallin each year. He surprisingly requests whatever cake Jaden had the year before.

So remember this? (probably not since I never posted it!) ;o)

Well that's exactly what Dallin wanted, but instead he got this...

I know I lack decorating skills (and photo skills today since I can't find my camera). But it has a toy and bad can it be? Actually I am going to share the link for the frosting because it is an absolutely amazing White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting.

The party is tonight- his first ever official party.

There you have my update. And since I doubt you want me to write about blood, saliva and pee I may be missing for a while around here.

¡¡Happy Winter!!


  1. that's funny he always wants the same cake. ha ha. love the cupcakes, they turned out darling. i'll have to try your frosting recipe!

  2. Thanks Cher, if you like white chocolate it is quite good. It firms up nicely in the fridge too. :)