Monday, January 23, 2012

Newspaper Recycling Crate

Now that I get 11 papers a week I feel the need to recycle. I found this great idea years ago and finally just set it up for myself.

Martha Stewart Pic

It is super easy...

1) Get a box or crate (I like the old milk crates).

2) Place two long strands of twine in the bottom. Cross them over each other and have a strand come out and over the edge so that all four sides of the crate have a strand hanging over the center.

3) Attach the twine to the edge of the crate so it doesn't fall in (I use alligator clips).

4) When your crate is full of paper pull the strings together and tie them like a big gift.

5) Lift the papers out of the crate by the center of your twine and take to a recycle center.

Pic from Memory Lane Minis

FYI: There is a small recycling set up behind the True Value in Soda Springs.

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