Saturday, June 11, 2011

Basic Sewing Class

I was looking at this skirt on Make It and Love It (one of my favorite free pattern and re-purposing sites) and thought I should just teach Ashley how to make it. So, I am going to teach some basic sewing. 

Layered knit skirt

Here's each lesson plan:
(approx. 2 hours each)

Class #1
Learn the machine- thread it, etc.
Practice straight sewing on scrap fabrics
Make Cup Cozy

Class #2
Basics of following a pattern
Re-purpose jeans into a Lunch Bag

Class #3
Measuring and cutting
Start final project

Class #4
Final Project-  A-Line Knit Skirt or Smocked Sun Dress

Materials and Cost
I will provide the fabrics for the first three classes.

You will need the following Materials:
For skirt:
1 yard knit or cotton fabric
1 yard 1 inch elastic
For dress:
3/4 yard smocked fabric
1 pack matching bias tape (1/2 inch)

*For jama bottoms (boy option)
1 1/2 yards cotton or flannel fabric
1 yard 1 inch elastic

Cost will be $5 a class (so $20 for the week)

Class times:
Monday 2-4pm
Tuesday 10-Noon
Wednesday 2-4pm
Friday 10-Noon


  1. Wish we were in your neck of the woods, only I'd be begging for an adult class! Ashley is lucky to have such a talented mama.
    Sarah Peterson

  2. Thanks Sarah! I would love to teach an adult class, it just seems like moms are always too busy!

  3. You're awesome! I would love for my girls to learn how to sew...from someone who really knows how!!

  4. Thanks for all the support! I am way excited to do this...although I am sure I'll be napping every afternoon! ;o)