Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bear Lake

My new favorite place is Bear Lake.  Called "The Caribbean of the Rockies" for its beautiful beaches and blue water. It reminds me enough of Roatan that I am able to ignore the freezing water and relax on the beach. (Still missing island life in the Caribbean- probably always will.)

Ashley writing in the sand...

The boys looking through binoculars at a "pirate ship" (really just a jet ski- I had to blur our their little bums)...

Jesse wading through the water (so handsome!)...

Of course there are no pictures of me because I am behind the camera. No complaints though. This was during a camping trip and I can assure you I looked quite fine with my smoke saturated hair and scruffy camp clothes!


  1. How fun!! I can't wait to go camping!!!!

  2. how, what a update, its been a while since i visited, sorry. it looks like your guys are happy and enjoying life. bear like is nice, and your right very enjoyable. i was there last fall. k well take care my friend. i hope to make it through there this fall


  3. ha ha. a pirate ship. love the bum picture.