Thursday, April 1, 2010


January... February... March...
The childrens' birthdays are done for this year!

January- turned 2.....
(No cake because I had just had surgery)

February- turned 7...

March- turned 5....

The crazy cake requests are done for now. Phew!


  1. Oh my word! How did they get so big so fast? I will have to show these to Mindy.

    Gorgeous cakes! At least the one who had surgery was only 2 and not as likely to miss his cake. :) Glad things are well with you all.

    PS I love your family photo. :)

  2. Cute cakes! I can't believe they are all that old already! Where has the time gone!?

  3. I often wonder the same thing. When did they get so big?!