Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Puff Pastry Rite of Passage

To many cooks a puff pastry seems so difficult that they begin to see it as some sort of rite of passage. Once accomplished they can enter into the world of professional pastry chef or fabulous cook or something like that.

Since I wanted to make a Brie en Croüte with cranberry and rosemary for New Years Eve I decided to give it  a try. I found a great youtube tutorial and spent a  large portion of the day rolling and refrigerating only to repeat it again and again.

The end result was a golden puffed pastry. The layers were beautifully crisp, but the inside considerably oily if eaten warm (unfortunately I filled it with cheddar cheese for the kiddos which is really not recommended). However, I think it will work just great with the Brie.

Difficulty rating: 3 out of 5 where pastries are concerned
My Message: The puff pastry, or as the French call it "pâte feuilletée", need not be so daunting!!

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